Why Get A Raspberry Pi?

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Raspberry Pi

I’ll confess, I got a Raspberry Pi with no specific use in mind. It just seemed neat.

After spending $35 on a Pi 2 you have a small and capable computer. But the real cost is above $60 with accessories you’ll need such as an hdmi cable, a wifi receiver, a charger and a case. Keep that in mind – you may spend just as much on the peripherals as you did on the device.

Why Get One?

The unfortunate thing about the Raspberry Pi is there’s no realm where it excels. Whatever you’re planning to use the Pi for, there’s likely a better option out there (if it exists). For instance, an apple TV will be a much better media center with netflix support, airplay support, better UI, and minimal setup requirements. At $69 for the previous generation Apple TVs its not logical to buy a Raspberry pi and then set it up to be your media player, especially when you factor in the time it will take to set up.

In many respects, the raspberry pi isn’t a logical purchase – it occupies an odd limbo where its not the best at any one purpose but it can be used for just about anything. Personally, I get giddy at the thought of a computer the size of my palm that can run android, linux or windows. Think of all the hardware I could put onto those GPIO pins: sensors, leds, switches, power supplies, motors, you name it! The possibilities are endless.

Endless Possibilities

If I get bored with an apple TV, its useless. It has one function and only one function. But if I get bored with a Raspberry Pi, I can turn it into an FM transmitter, or a security camera or an automatic cat feeder (yes someone http://drstrangelove.net/2013/12/raspberry-pi-power-cat-feeder-updates/ ) .

Want a cheap, hackable computer with almost endless possibilities? Then the Raspberry Pi is probably for you.

I don’t know what my pi has in store but I’ll be sure to keep the hackers out there updated.

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